Dear Friends,

I write with a request for your prayers for our Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon. This week, Dr. Cannon was diagnosed with acute leukemia. While the exact form of the disease has not yet been determined, it is clear that Dr. Cannon is entering a phase that will require intentional medical care. She is, as you know, a woman of deep faith and resolute determination. And she has a wonderful family and loving, caring friends as support. Not to mention some very good doctors and nurses. Most importantly, she is in God’s presence and care. Please pray for God’s healing mercies and healing strength as she undergoes these next days and weeks. Also, please recognize that she will need to devote her energies to necessary treatment procedures and getting better. So, even though I know you might want to do so, do not visit at this time. However, should you want to send a card or note letting her know that she is in your thoughts and, most importantly, in your prayers, by all means, do that. It would be best to send to her seminary address: Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon, Union Presbyterian Seminary, 3401 Brook Road, Richmond, VA 23227. We’ll make sure that all her mail is directed her way.

Even in times of uncertainty we people of faith are certain that God watches over and cares for us and has plans for us. Surely, God is watching over Dr. Cannon now. She has much to do and we look forward to her regathering her strength so that she can be back at it.


Brian K. Blount

President and Professor of New Testament