Severe Weather Season

First the National Black Presbyterian Caucus is in prayer with those who have recently experienced the beginnings of this severe weather season.

Oh my! It is that time again! It is evident that during the Spring and Fall, severe weather happens. The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) program has been in existence since World War II and was known as Presbyterian World Service. PDA responds to natural, human caused, and technological disasters in the U.S., domestic and international refugee needs, and International natural disasters and humanitarian crises, usually through partners such as ACT Alliance.

As a Presbyterian Disaster Preparedness Trainer, I began to wonder how much information our congregations know. A disaster overwhelms local resources as opposed to an emergency that a community can handle.

Some of the things a congregation can do to prepare in case of a disaster is to have an updated congregational directory that includes e-mail addresses, and the information of congregation members that may have special needs. Develop a phone tree or other communication system to see if everyone is okay. Congregations can have insurance policies reviewed annually and saved in multiple locations and have an inventory of church property or even a video recording of the sanctuary, fellowship halls, narthex, etc.

Even with everything above there are still more things that can be done to prepare for a disaster. Check with your Presbytery to determine who the PW-Preparedness trainer is in your area. Contact them and have them come and talk with your session and your congregation members. PDA Preparedness Trainers can help with congregation members preparedness also.

Elder Doris Evans
NBPC Vice President
PW – Disaster Preparedness Trainer