The first phase of our research is to host six gatherings of people of color engaged in stewardship and/or fundraising initiatives in their faith communities. These participants will be drawn from but not limited to individuals from Native American/Indigenous, Black, African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, and Asian American clergy, fundraising professionals, and church leaders.

These gatherings are taking place throughout the country ensure the greatest opportunity for participation. At each gathering we will listen to stories, worship together, explore relevant questions, and collect the emerging themes using qualitative analysis.

Participants will be selected by a application to ensure diversity and commitment to the process. Each individual is required to fully engage in two days of worship and conversation in small and large group settings. We will provide all meals, reimbursement for local travel, and a modest stipend of $300.

Use the links below for dates, locations, additional information, and to access the online application:

Gatherings • A Research Project by The Collective Foundation | Abbreviated Proposal (Download HERE) • ⬇