The Call to Action from the National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Churches (NCKPC)

Our warmest greetings in the great name of Resurrected Jesus Christ our Lord. This correspondence is to share the actions of National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Churches with the courageous and compassionate leadership of our beloved denomination PC(USA).

1.  Korean American members of the NCKPC are greatly appreciative of your strong messages denouncing hate crimes against Asian Americans and at the same time your heartfelt support and compassionate empathy with the suffering families and entire AAPI community in the wake of Atlanta killings. We posted the State Clerk’s message of love and support, “We See You Among Us” translated into Korean on NCKPC’s website (Attachment 1 • Click HERE to DOWNLOAD) to share that we are not alone in this fight against racism and violence.

2.  We also posted on our website Easter Worship 2021 in Korean to worship together with all of our sisters and brothers in our denomination.  While we are grieving the recent violence and death, we are greatly encouraged by the last word of Jesus Christ on the Cross, “It is Finished.”  Jesus willingly died such a violent death to die for our sins once for all.   We can’t wait to sing Alleluia this Easter Sunday to lift up the name of Risen Christ, the Lord, raising our voices together in eight different languages and expressing our joy with drums, trumpet and piano, and of course the spoken word by Rev. Moffett who always delivers powerful, challenging and yet hopeful messages.

3.  We Koreans are normally very quiet in spite of oppression and hardships, because that was the history of our white-clothed  and peace-loving people  in our homeland that was invaded and oppressed so many times by neighboring nations during its long history of 4350 years.  Our mothers and fathers wept and prayed.  While we pray and cry out more than ever to our merciful God that the sin of racism be expelled and the redemptive love of God be made manifest among us in America, we have realized that we cannot simply stay silent.  That is why the NCKPC leadership has taken actions to send out a letter (Attachment 3 • Click HERE to DOWNLOAD) to governmental leaders at all levels through our local Korean American congregations as well as to raise money to assist the victims of hate crimes and to contribute to causes that promote justice for all people of color.

So we pray: Lord, may your kingdom come and  your will be done on earth as it is in heaven (주의 나라가 임하옵시며뜻이 하늘에서 이룬 같이 땅에서도 이루어지이다).

Faithfully yours,

Byeongho Choi, pastor
Moderator of National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Churches
Presbyterian Church (USA)

Yushin Lee
Acting Executive Director