194th Anniversary Beautfort-Salem Presbyterian Church | Sunday • October 30, 2022 at 4:00 pm EDT

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“Imagine, a Southern, Black Congregation, in 1828?”

The Beaufort-Salem PC(USA) is an active congregation of the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery, Beaufort County, South Carolina. Imagine, a Southern, Black Presbyterian Congregation, in 1828?

The State of South Carolina’s Abstract of states in part:

Whereas the Abstract of Title to “Bindon” Plantation in Beaufort County, South Carolina shows a conveyance by William Stokes and wife to John H. Screvens 19th August 1852 (112 yrs. ago),

And in said Abstract, it is reflected that on or about Jan 1, 1828 that one James Cutbert conveyed to one William Martin the same tract,
“less a small piece granted to Stoney Creek Church for the residence of their minister,” which at that time was being occupied by “Salem Colored Presbyterian Church”,

Whereas the succeeding congregations and official bodies of the said “Salem Colored Presbyterian Church” have occupied and controlled said property in excess of 100 years,…”

Well the ministry and celebration goes on! Now, for 194 Years. Come! Celebrate with us. Just two miles North on Highway 17, off I-95, Exit 33.


Click HERE or the above image to DOWNLOAD a copy of the FLYER (PDF file) from the NBPC Website.