North Carolina Barber-Scotia College's Press Release Details

North Carolina- Barber-Scotia College (BSC) is pleased to announce five new academic programs that will be implemented in the Winter 2024 (Phase 1) semester. These programs include one graduate (Masters) and four undergraduate (Bachelors and Associates) programs. BSC welcomes all potential students who have the desire to succeed in the following academic schools: Divinity and Religious Studies; Business and Government; Health Science and Technology; and Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. The application deadline to enroll for the Winter 2024 semester is February 6, 2024, and no late fee will be assessed. Students can enroll at any time of the year for the varied semesters; check out the academic calendar to find out more information.

New programs within these schools will be released in a multi-phased process over the next two years. Once Phase 1 has been successfully implemented, the College will then release information regarding the implementation of Phases 2 and 3. The new portfolio will include studies concentrated in Theology, Public Administration, HR Management, Criminal Justice, Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Medical Assisting, Educational Studies, and many more.

President Chris Rey stated, “I want every student who comes through our programs, whether they are in science, business, the humanities, or the arts, to have a solid grounding in technology. Our focus is to integrate digital literacy across disciplines to create responsible leaders for the workforce future, and we believe these new programs will do just that.”

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Academic Affairs – Dr. Jeffrey Weaver, (704) 789-2900,
Admissions – Christopher Hinton, (704) 789-2900,

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