During the Life and Times of Jochebed: By Any Means Necessary
Exodus 2:1-10, 6:20

Who was Jochebed? She was a Black Hebrew Israelite. Married to her Brother’s Black Son, Amram. The two of them were Levites, a clergy couple. Together, they had a Black son, born into a world of trouble. The trouble was not good. So, this Black Baby Mama had to figure out a way to protect her Black Baby Boy, by any means necessary. What did she do?

  • She hid him. From the evils around and about him that no harm or danger would come to him.
  • She secured him. By shipping him “up the river,” so that his well-being would be safer in an unfamiliar place.
  • She raised him. Nursed him herself, teaching him who he really was and his traditions. She was even paid government funds for raising him.
  • She gave him up. But not until he knew himself to be a Black Hebrew Israelite. So determined to protect her Baby Boy, she didn’t even give him a Hebrew name. It was Pharoh’s Daughter who gave him the Egyptian name: Moses. Jochebed gave him up for the great cause of saving his people.

God set forth an example in Jochebed that later God would have to follow in giving his only Son to save his people from their sins. (Matthew 1:21) During our life and times, we have come to know Jochebed saved her son. God gave up his Son. We are called to save our Baby Boys and Baby Girls, “By Any Means Necessary,” and give them up in service to God.

As another Black History Month ends, I encourage the Pastors and Sessions of our Black Congregations, consistent with the principles of Matthew 25, to prayerfully adopt and implement new and exciting programs for the safety and well-being of our Children.

May God continually bless your ministry with vision, power, and purpose.

Rev. Dr. Charles C. Heyward, Sr., HR

NBPC President