Solo Pastor: Installed

Established in 1981 when Brooklyn Heights Presbyterian (est.1921) and Golden Hill Presbyterian (est.1956) merged, CUPC is a beacon of light and hope to our community and beyond. With a reputation of caring and compassion, CUPC has a strong legacy and deep roots in San Diego’s African American community. CUPC attracts a diverse membership in terms of ethnicity, socio-economic status, and age, with current demographic majorities of Black and senior members. The community looks on CUPC as a touchstone to the history of San Diego’s Black community. We offer events to uplift our heritage, bring people together, and educate about Black culture and history.

CUPC is located in the San Diego neighborhood of South Park, which is rapidly gentrifying, while homelessness has become a crisis in San Diego as it has in much of California. The racial makeup of the neighborhood is mostly split between White (49.5%) and Hispanic (36.5%) populations with sizable Black (5.5%) and Asian (4.4%) representation. We collaborate with local charity organizations such as the San Diego Rescue Mission and New Day Urban Ministries to help people experiencing homelessness. We donate food through our on-site food pantry and provide short-term financial assistance to people lacking basic needs such as housing, food, or transportation. With many teachers as congregants, CUPC values education and has established strong on-site partnerships with the McGill School of Success and Neighborhood House Head Start.

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